"You can’t go around building a better world for people. Only people can build a better world for people. Otherwise, it’s just a cage."

Terry Pratchett

We are positive disrupters to the project controls and project management professions, advising the leading programmes, organisations and governments on their application of cutting edge technological and human solutions to their delivery problems and opportunities.


Th3rdcurve provide ruthless simplification, effective, practical and innovative solutions to some of the world’s most complex project challenges. We are driven to leave a legacy of transformational change in the way the world delivers projects and programmes. Our focus is not on growth, but on delivering innovative change while maximising our ethical impact, sustainability, inclusivity, and ensuring investment confidence.

Our extensive first-hand experiences, across a broad spectrum of industries and projects globally, has taught us that your business is as unique as ours. The challenges you face will only be solved by a tailored response to your specific needs, and that is why we are at the vanguard of industry innovations and change to achieve tangible results that you can measure and be proud of. We understand how change affects you, your people and the world around them.

Our foresight, resourcefulness and dexterity has always been pivotal in navigating through the complex challenges that occur within our workspace; the critical roles we adopt to enact the best outcomes for our clients is the reason we love our work.

At any stage of a programme, be it a mature project or one in its infancy, we can help deliver intelligent improvement and insight to achieve positive outcomes or if required inject new life back into your project. We never over promise and under deliver. We simply deliver on our promises.

Case studies

High Speed 2
This multi billion programme is delivering an entirely new high speed railway including, track, stations, rolling stock, systems and enabling infrastructure...

Thames Tideway
We were able to establish a best in class solution to support the delivery of Tideway and clean up our river for the good of the city, its wildlife and communities...

TfL Apprentice Scheme
It is safe to say that the TfL planning apprenticeship scheme was one of the most successful and rewarding challenges we have ever undertaken...