"Success isn’t something that just happens – success is learned, success is practiced and then it is shared."

Sparky Anderson

We are positive disrupters to the project controls and project management professions, advising the leading programmes, organisations and governments on their application of cutting edge technological and human solutions to their delivery problems and opportunities.

A better way of delivering change
and innovation

Why us?

We’re leveraging technology, innovation and behavioural science in all areas of transformation in our mission for positive impact on all projects and its people.

We have spent much of our early journey codifying our knowledge, experience and mission into an operating model that delivers the next wave of innovative expertise and analysis. Building on our values and culture we’re using technology to help us learn and evolve, we’re using behavioural science to understand what drives and motivates us and our clients and most of all we’re looking outside of projects and project management for new ideas and solutions to common problems.


Business Transformation, taking an evidenced based approach to business change – piloting new ways of working, using data science to learn, improve and embed which means your business grows at the right pace in a way that’s visible and inspiring. We will help define the new you, and then make sure you get there.... Want to know more?


Project Services, combining behavioural science with competency in the way we work together – Our values are what define us so we ensure that the people at th3rdcurve are not only technically the best fit for your business but also that they’re making the right, informed decisions for you and your needs... Want to know more?


Technology, turning Big Data into Big Intelligence – We’re integrating the best in class management products with A.I and cognitive insight to give you the clearest and simplest direction at any time. There is no room for complexity in modern decision making and we are striving to make understanding simple... Want to know more?


Capability, delivering learning not training – We use collaborative simulation as part of our learning academy to show how best practice feels in action. We maintain a presence with your people, helping them apply new knowledge to their work, evidencing their growth so you can see your organisation and your projects evolve... Want to know more?