Hezron Ricketts

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Hezron commenced his career as an apprentice in project controls for Kellogg Brown & Root (KBR) early in 2005 with family ties to the organisation. His initial experience at KBR came with work on power enabling works for the London 2012 Olympics and work with the MOD to provide facilities for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. This work coincided with the attainment of a HNC in construction part time whilst working.

Following his apprenticeship at KBR Hezron moved to work for Project Management Consultancy Atkins as part of their planning team on the Olympic Park enabling works and Design for the London 2012 Games, at this point some independence was afforded to his work and the responsibility for delivering and maintaining effective planning came. As has been a thread throughout his career Hezron took part in additional areas of work outside of his day job he won a design competition within Atkins to develop commemorative memorabilia to reflect their involvement in the games.

It was at this point that Hezron began his first project working with Transport for London that would see a return on a few occasions to work on major projects for the organisation. He initially took on the lead for planning on the digital advertising upgrade project for the organisation overseeing planning and reporting for work spanning the entire network of tube stations. Following this was a role working on the Brixton Station Modernisation programme, where roles both on the client and contractor side enabled a change in the collaboration on the project and change to the issues in recurring programme non-acceptance under the NEC contract that the project had suffered for some months. This was followed by another similar scenario working on the Kings Cross Station upgrade works.

A change from working in rail again saw Hezron work on projects to deliver the London 2012 Olympic Games with Bam Nuttall and their construction contractors, he helped to bring together cross organisation planning and EV reporting. Close working and effective collaboration again demonstrated his ability to breakdown existing barriers to successful project relationships and forge new relationships between organisations, this led to significant improvements in programme quality, reporting and overall satisfaction with project controls outputs for the project. The next few years took the route of a consultant with several projects in different locations and for multiple clients at the same time. Posing new challenges to keep projects such as the Cutty Sark refurbishment and several private mansion builds in London with differing approaches to planning and controls all satisfied.

Since 2012 Hezron has worked on two major rail infrastructure projects in a planning manager capacity, the Bank Station Capacity Upgrade and HS2. Whilst at Bank he led planning through the early set up stage of the programme through procurement and into design, developing controls capability from scratch to enable EV reporting and the introduction of QSRA based time risk buffers. At HS2 these skills were pushed further with him providing a key role in the introduction of planning across the whole of the organisation and the integration of project controls.

His journey represents a varied background with experience of major projects from the position of client, contractor and consultant. Along the way he has demonstrated strong leadership skills with the ability to garner fierce loyalty from those working with him.