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Repeatedly cited as a key component in project, programme and portfolio success, project and programme controls capability is at the heart of the Th3rdCurve movement. With the growth of P3 complexity and BIM we cannot emphasise enough the importance of doing it correctly. Combined with your organisation’s ability to manage and adapt to change, the addition of a robust controls regime will be the key differentiator for you.

As systems become more feature rich and projects more complex, being able to specify, configure and deliver an integrated suite of tools is becoming more challenging. We have the technical and functional expertise to ensure your organisation is ready for 21st century P3 delivery.

The correlation of robust planning and successful project outcomes is now undeniable. Th3rdCurve have a wealth of expertise in this domain and will work with you to establish a robust suite of policies and procedures along with a clear road map, to drive the profile and capability of planning within your organisation.

Part of successful delivery is knowing what success looks like. A common cause of project failure is the lack of estimating capability and cost management throughout the life of the project. Being able to understand and benchmark your costs, both externally and internally, is fundamental to success and we believe this is a key area of focus for all organisations.

Risk management is all about dealing with what may happen and being able to methodically integrate this into the cost and schedule data. Having an effective risk management regime in place will significantly increase your ability to plan and manage your project. It can be extremely challenging. However, our belief in ruthless simplification of processes means we will dispel much of the mystery around what is actually, most of the time, a common sense approach to dealing with the unknown.

Projects are, by definition, about change. The only real guarantee is that what you think will happen at the beginning will, more often than not, be different to what happens in the end. Being able to absorb and competently manage business, stakeholder, client and contractual change is fundamental to any project or programme and whatever the process or systems, we have proven expertise in this field.

Red is a good thing. It indicates that you aren’t where you thought you would be. This should always be invaluable when deciding what is the most critical thing to do next. Performance management is so much bigger than just ‘Earned Value’. Our breadth of expertise across multiple sectors means that we can provide performance indicators that are simple, relevant and effective no matter what the deliverables.

Th3rdCurve have a proven track record for defining, delivering and presenting information in a clear and insightful way to facilitate decision making. Our leadership team have done this on some of Europe’s biggest and most complex mega-programmes. Analysis and Reporting is your organisations ‘shop window’ and is essential to ensuring that strategic decision making is supported at all times and that stakeholder confidence is always maintained.

Technological advances in this field support intelligent, dynamic and insightful analytics. Building upon the success of London 2012, Crossrail and Thames Tideway – Th3rdCurve will support you to build a best in class reporting and analytics service.

Many large organisations are leveraging assurance reviews (sometimes known as Integrated Baseline Reviews or IBRs) as part of their project delivery lifecycle. Having an objective independant analysis carried out by Th3rdCurve to review your project’s status at key points will add real value for both the project or programme management team as well as the delivery team. With our experience covering all sizes of projects, our team will provide expert opinion and recommendations to really help set your project up for success.




Richard Palczynski

Co-Founder, CFO

Richard’s career began the day after he graduated as a Civil Engineer. Recruited straight from the classroom, he joined Bechtel Ltd, where he would spend the next ten years working on UK major infrastructure projects...

...His experience now spans Crossrail, the West Coast Route Modernisation Programme, Channel Tunnel Rail Link (HS1) and the Jubilee Line Extension Project. In addition, he has held leadership roles in project controls and programme management in three leading international consultancies.

He is a Fellow of both the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Association for Project Management.



Hezron Ricketts

Senior Associate

Hezron commenced his working life as a project controls apprentice for Kellogg Brown & Root. His passion, intelligence & diligence coupled with his exemplar people skills has seen his career sky rocket...

As a result, he has been directly involved in the success of many high profile projects, including the London 2012 Olympic games and HS2. His extensive experience in complex infrastructure programmes has seen him journey from contractor to client positions at TfL as well as a Senior Planning Manager for HS2 where he ensures planning capability for Europe's biggest infrastructure programme.



Simon Taylor

Co-Founder, COO

Simon’s career started in the steel manufacturing industry in 1995 learning mechanical design & fabrication. As technology advanced so did his skill set & he moved into product design & project management...

He moved to London Underground in 2005 which is where his professional planning career took shape as Head of Planning he was part of the team that successfully delivered the Victoria Line Upgrade and was then promoted to Head of Planning for the entire Transport for London capital portfolio. Prior to co-founding th3rdcurve he was Head of Planning for High Speed 2, where he was responsible for planning and planning capability on the biggest infrastructure programme in Europe.


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Our Journey


We all come into this world a blank canvas. Some get a head start earlier than others, whether it is a good education, or the privilege of growing up in a loving family home. But regardless of who you are, everyone needs to learn and develop.

During the 1970’s, three people came into this world without a clue as to what their futures would hold. They schooled in the 1980’s and went onto an apprenticeship and university in the 1990’s, each gathering their own unique experiences along the way.

Their appetite for learning was insatiable and their careers paths were beginning to align.

In 2010 they met for the first time. Two were already working together for the same large engineering client organisation, the third was working in an international consultancy business. Despite all coming from different backgrounds, their experiences and learning were remarkably similar and, not surprisingly, their friendship and respect for one another grew rapidly.


The learning curve has three parts; the first curve starts with initial learning, the second curve is fast learning, and finally the third curve is leveraging your expert knowledge.

Six years on from their initial meeting, these three friends are experts in their field. From planning to project financing, set-up, governance and control, risk and performance analysis, behavioural management, six sigma and leadership. Each are leading industry experts having earned their stripes at the coal face of Europe’s largest and most complex civil engineering endeavours. They are in fact, on the th3rd curve.

There is a famous quote by Oscar Wilde; “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” In 2016 Th3rdCurve Ltd began its journey from concept to company. Three experts, pulling together almost 60 years of combined experience, and with the ability to leverage expertise through other industry expert associate partners, Th3rdCurve Ltd is uniquely placed to help other organisations climb their own learning curve.