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This is th3rdcurve’s core strength and is forged through decades of mega programme experience. In an ever- evolving landscape of complexity, scale and uncertainty, information isn’t power alone, it’s the application of knowledge that really makes the difference and it’s here that th3rdcurve can really deliver value for your organisation. We will quickly understand how your organisation delivers.

We will not just focus on the technical processes and systems but also how behaviours, culture and leadership deliver real value. We will show you how leveraging 30% change brings 60% benefit, minimising the disruption to your organisation and maximising the returns that robust, integrated project controls can deliver.

Getting good project controls people into projects is a key client driver and one that has met with significant challenges given the rise of capital investment and lack of experienced professionals. Our experience at highest levels of the controls landscape not only gives us a unique insight into what makes a great project controls professional but also what makes a great member of your project team.

Our reputation is one of quality and reliability and we take assurance, management and leadership of our people very seriously. From a comprehensive values, behaviours and technical hiring process to a client agreed performance framework that defines what good looks like and ensure its delivered. As the size and complexity of your projects scale our people scale with you delivering true value and benefit every step of the way in the spirit true partnership.

The 21st century has seen the exponential growth of technology and technology companies. They now drive our expectations around what’s possible and how we interact with it. While some sectors wrestle with virtual reality, block chain and AI, capital programme delivery increasingly relies on an industry standard of slow moving feature sets and a lack of interoperability. With long lasting and trusted partnerships with industry leading vendors and innovative new ventures, our founders have played a central role in the journey of project management technology.

As projects and programmes encounter bigger challenges we see our vision and expertise at the forefront of what’s to come. If you want proven technology delivered by people who know what the outcome is supposed to do or you’re looking to see how technology can solve some of the unknowns, we want to help.

The last and most important part of the transformation journey is ensuring that your people have the skills to execute successfully. We will help you move beyond the steady state and build a culture of continuous improvement. There are many standard ways to pass on knowledge, however our unparalleled functional expertise means we can make that knowledge relevant, understandable and enlightening. th3rdcurve is partnering with recognised training organisations to provide application based knowledge in innovative new ways that reflects our years of experience and the way people want to learn. Training delivered in a way that evidences real capability growth and how that growth translates into business benefits.

We’re developing our th3rdcurve Controls Academy so speak to us about our vision and let us know what you want to see. We have a commitment to professionalise the industry and inspire the future generations of project controls professionals.




Niall Faris

Co-Founder, CEO

Niall commenced his career on the Jubilee Line Extension Project in the 1990's, following his father into the industry and working as a planning engineer on the signalling upgrade of this flagship project...

.... After earning a degree in Business Administration and French, Niall worked on the introduction of the Oyster Card to TfL prior to winning a EPSRC scholarship to study a Masters at the London School of Economics in Information Systems.

Over the last 5 years Niall led the Project Controls function on the environmentally critical Thames Tideway programme, from planning and financing through to the commencement of civil works.



Simon Taylor

Co-Founder, COO

Simon’s career started in the steel manufacturing industry in 1995 learning mechanical design & fabrication. As technology advanced so did his skill set & he moved into product design & project management...

He moved to London Underground in 2005 which is where his professional planning career took shape as Head of Planning he was part of the team that successfully delivered the Victoria Line Upgrade and was then promoted to Head of Planning for the entire Transport for London capital portfolio. Prior to co-founding th3rdcurve he was Head of Planning for High Speed 2, where he was responsible for planning and planning capability on the biggest infrastructure programme in Europe.



Hezron Ricketts

Co-Founder, CSO

Hezron commenced his working life as a project controls apprentice for Kellogg Brown & Root. His passion, intelligence & diligence coupled with his exemplar people skills has seen his career sky rocket...

As a result, he has been directly involved in the success of many high profile projects, including the London 2012 Olympic games and HS2. His extensive experience in complex infrastructure programmes has seen him journey from contractor to client positions at TfL as well as a Senior Planning Manager for HS2 where he ensures planning capability for Europe's biggest infrastructure programme.


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Our Journey


We all come into this world a blank canvas. Some get a head start earlier than others, whether it is a good education, or the privilege of growing up in a loving family home. But regardless of who you are, everyone needs to learn and develop.

During the 1970’s, three people came into this world without a clue as to what their futures would hold. They schooled in the 1980’s and went onto an apprenticeship and university in the 1990’s, each gathering their own unique experiences along the way.

Their appetite for learning was insatiable and their careers paths were beginning to align.

In 2010 they met for the first time. Two were already working together for the same large engineering client organisation, the third was working in an international consultancy business. Despite all coming from different backgrounds, their experiences and learning were remarkably similar and, not surprisingly, their friendship and respect for one another grew rapidly.

The learning curve has three parts; the first curve starts with initial learning, the second curve is fast learning, and finally the third curve is leveraging your expert knowledge.

Six years on from their initial meeting, these three friends are experts in their field. From planning to project financing, set-up, governance and control, risk and performance analysis, behavioural management, six sigma and leadership. Each are leading industry experts having earned their stripes at the coal face of Europe’s largest and most complex civil engineering endeavours. They are in fact, on the th3rd curve.

There is a famous quote by Oscar Wilde; “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
In 2016 Th3rdCurve Ltd began its journey from concept to company. Three experts, pulling together almost
60 years of combined experience, and with the ability to leverage expertise through other industry expert associate partners, Th3rdCurve Ltd is uniquely placed to help other organisations climb their own learning curve.